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Replacement Hair Razor Blades For Thin & Thick Hair Cutting and Styling - Pack of 10

Replacement Hair Razor Blades

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Hair Razor Blades For Replacement- Pack of 10

Hair Razor Blades

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This thing is fantastic.
I've always been trying to use an electric trimmer to get my shoulders and back, and it's been nothing but frustrating trying to contort my arms to get the hard to reach spots. My girlfriend likes it, but I usually let the hair get way too long.
This thing makes the whole job much easier, and much quicker. with the trimmer it would take me 15 to 20 minutes to do the job, now it takes about 1 to 2. It saves so much time, and the result is much smoother. The wide blades cover so much area that it only takes a few swipes to gather a large harvest.
I like that it comes with a brush in the handle so you can easily clean the blades. I also like that it folds up and neatly suctions to the bathroom mirror for easy storage without taking up counter space.
Overall a great life impacting tool. I wish I got something like this sooner.
Highly recommended.

By Adam Conrad on Mar 19, 2020

Love Love this thing. So glad I found it. This thing is the bomb. Only took about 10 mins. I have thick hair so that is awesome. Almost went with a regular hair dryer but I decided to just look just one more time. So glad I did. It does take a little more time to get the top of your hair completely dry.

By stephanie cummins on Aug 14, 2017

My horse doesn't like having his mane pulled so I use this to help thin the ends of his mane when I shorten it for horse shows. I use a scissors to cut the bulk of his mane short and then use this razor to this the ends to make it look more natural instead of a blunt cut that the scissors will leave. Considering the other reviews that say how easy it can be to cut off too much hair if you're not careful, I was surprised at how hard it can be to cut my horse's mane with it. But horse hair is more coarse than human hair so that might have something to do with it. It will only work if I do very small sections at a time and apply a decent amount of pressure. But for the price, it works well.

By Jessica on May 28, 2019